Comparing Philippines Thailand – Apples and Oranges

Comparing Philippines Thailand Pattaya Sky Photo From Sky Beach Condo in Wongamat

Comparing Philippines Thailand Pattaya Sky Photo From Sky Beach Condo in Wongamat

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Finding Filipinas Facebook How To Guide And Tips

Finding Filipinas Facebook How To Guide And Tips

Angeles City Philippines Pattaya Thailand

Comparing Philippines Thailand from the perspective of an expat or foreigner looking to travel or live is like apples and oranges. There is no comparison and this site focuses on two notoriously red light cities in Asia known as Angeles City Philippines and Pattaya Thailand. These two cities are somewhat sisters as they have the dubious distinction of being known sex tourist destinations for men throughout the World. The reason for this fact is many but a remains a fact that cannot be denied. Although prostitution is illegal in both the Philippines and Thailand it still thrives.

Many organizations claim these two places engage in human trafficking but the truth of the matter is prostitution and nightlife is part of their respective societies both in the Philippines and Thailand. As the World becomes flattened more focus is put on these places as depositories for the dregs of society. This element of human nature can be found in every major city across the globe. Today many hypocrites use so-called righteous organizations taking donations in the name of stopping human slavery. This fact shall be outlined in future articles. Many expats and foreigner visitors are of the nefarious nature. With that said, one should choose their friends wise if you considering moving to either the Philippines or Thailand. In some cases, the foreigner community can be more dangerous than the locals. I hope this site helps you be aware of these elements and avoid them at all costs.

Asia is a beautiful and refreshing place to live with a very relaxed aura to it unlike any place on the planet. This fact along with the truly exotic Asian culture makes it very appealing for foreigners throughout the Globe. Asia has always been a great place to do business, vacation and retire. Personally, I plan to do both and my choice of countries at the moment is the Philippines and Thailand. It has been for the last 28 years of my life thus the construction of this website. I truly hope my experiences and observations will help others save a lot of heartache grief money and most importantly time. Life is too short to endure needless suffering due to lack of knowledge or ignorance. This humble attempt is my way of passing it forward, I believe it will do just that.

Comparing Philippines Thailand Angeles City Philippines

Comparing Philippines Thailand Angeles City Philippines SM Clark ABC Hotel

Historical Background Philippines

The Spanish American war in 1898 brought about the American presence in the Philippines until 1946 when the Philippines become its own nation. Since then and before World 2 and the Korean war, Subic Bay in the Philippines became a sailors paradise for young girls and carnal fun for pilots and seaman alike. A military presence by a foreign army normally brings about brothels and the flesh trade throughout history. Look at the Greeks, Romans and even Egyptians. There is a clear understanding of this in the history books. The Philippines is no different from the military fallout and many of its monuments display this fact. Thus the existence of a place known as Angeles City Philippines. This town in Pampanga province of North Luzon Island revitalized itself after the explosion of Mt. Pinatubo on June 12, 1991. Prior to that, it was a town next to Clark Air Force Base used as cargo and passenger flights to and from Andersen AFB, Guam; Kadena AB, Japan; Diego Garcia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Bangkok and Ubon Thailand; and Saigon Vietnam (until 1975). The base itself closed in 1991 then Pinatubo exploded. From the ashes in 1993, the Clark Economic Zone was created and the rebuilding of Angeles City began. I first came to Angeles City in 1994. At the time, Angeles City had its first gogo bar grand opening of a place named Gilley’s Roadhouse which still exists and is open today.

Historical Background Thailand

Pattaya Comparison Central Festival

Pattaya Comparison Central Festival

Thailand has a unique and vibrant culture full of pride, tremendous food and a complete industrial transformation in the last 30 years. Bangkok went from a 3rd World shit hole to a first World mega city in approximately 25 years probably less more like 20 years. I first came to live in Bangkok in 1989 and it was nothing like it is today. The old International airport Don Mueng was the only Bangkok airport and Phuket airport was nothing less than a small terminal where they brought an old stairs ramp to deplane. Nothing like the proper International facilities they have today. One major infrastructure upgrade turbocharged this Tiger economy into an economic powerhouse, the Bangkok BTS Skytrain. Once this was completed the country literally blossomed from the Third World into the first World immediately.

Bangkok has been a notorious byway of the Orient for decades. Thailand was widely used by the American army in Vietnam for its bombing of Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. GIs would go on leave in Bangkok making what is still called the Grace hotel on Nana Road in downtown Bangkok a port of call during the Vietnam War. This sparked the existence of places like Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza along with the notorious Patpong Road. Many expats in those days never came back to the United States after their tours of duty in the Vietnam war. I meet many of them who became quite accomplished business owners in the 1980s and 1990s in Bangkok. Some are still alive and thriving others have passed on leaving rather impressive legacies.

Comparing Philippines Thailand

This site shall not focus the women in the Philippines or Thailand but it will touch on this fact constantly as it’s ingrained in both societies whether they like or not. Comparing Philippines Thailand can be a chore as the Philippines is so much more spread out than Thailand leaving it with a massive variety. Unfortunately, the infrastructure of the Philippines is far behind Thailand in every way imaginable. The writer believes that if the Philippines had great infrastructure and a more stable government with a collective mentality, the Philippines could easily be one of the more dominant counties in the Asian region. Instead, it flounders in political disarray and massive corruption on a National level. Perhaps the new President Duterte will bring the country out of the depths of poverty and into the 21st century.

Women are he main motivation for men moving to both places., Angeles City Philippines and Pattaya Thailand That’s easy girls and easy sex for a relatively small amount of money (Compared to Western Standards). Retirees in their 60s and 70s can readily have a young 20 to a 30-year-old girlfriend as often as they like. This obvious attraction brings in a lot of undesirable people from around the World, unfortunately. This site will attempt to outline this dubious fact in many future editions. For somebody thinking of moving or visiting, it’s important to realize the mentality you might be dealing with if you intend making more permanent arrangements. Often times expats or supposed friends can be your worst enemies. Learn how to beware and spot them taking them out of the equation completely.

Be sure to bookmark for some really good insight on comparing Philippines Thailand. This site is an American male who is now 45 years old with 28 years of overseas experience, a successful business owner, and internet entrepreneur. Thank you for reading this far it’s only going to get better from here.

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Angeles Pattaya Philippines Thailand Comparison


Angeles Pattaya will be comparing Philippines Thailand with various articles experiences and facts to help you in choosing a place best suited for your lifestyle in Asia. Be sure to bookmark Angeles Pattaya now and get loads of future updates on every day to day practical living advise and experiences by an American who has lived in Asian since he was 18 years old, I’m now 45. I sincerely hope this website and my experiences will help you in a positive way. The best advice I can give anybody thinking of living in Asia is to do intensive research. It will save you a lot of money, time and most of all heartache.

I strongly encourage all interested readers to join the Addicts Family of message boards and online communities. This will give you the perspective of thousands of opinions from all over the World all in one place. Essential Thailand information can be found at Pattaya Addicts and all your Philippines information may be found on Philippines Addicts. These sites are 100% free and friendly with a combined only presence of over 190,000 members combined.

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12 thoughts on “Comparison

  1. i came across this forum by complete accident. i am very impressed with the article and author of it. about me, shortly after my retirement begun i moved to thailand which had been a dream that came true. after 2 years of living in bangkok, working part time and earning 10 additional pounds i moved to the philippines more specifically angeles city. i will continue my story and 15 years of my life in asia in my next writing.

      • Can you please enlarge on this subject – which is cheaper, Thailand or the Philippines? I thought the Philippines was, for example as far as the price of houses is concerned. But I have never been in Thailand, so I cannot really make any rational comparison.

    • Exactly – so many positives they could have mentioned, but instead they went with something deliberately provocative. It was such a sweeping geensaliration, and a bizarre and outdated value judgement too. I’ve been told that they are taking that quote out for the new edition (although it’s amazing it was in in the first place).

  2. I couldn’t agree more. For somebody to move from a place like Pattaya to Angeles City, they need to really think about what they are giving up in terms of infrastructure, costs across the board for everything and just a lot more to do.

  3. nice comparison, pattaya has more to offer and nicer infrastructure, phils is a little rougher around the edges but the people are nicer and the girls are sweeter

    a guy certainly can’t go wrong in either

  4. Thailand is much cheaper than the Philippines across the board. Pattaya is much larger than Angeles City. Pattaya is also a growing city with a lot to do. Families actually go there for regular tourism. No one is going to Angeles City for tourism.

    • Could not agree more and if you know the lay of the land it gets cheaper in Thailand. The Philippines and Angeles City is a major flux as the dynamics are changing very rapidly. A few pages about that are coming shortly

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