Accommodation Philippines Thailand

Accommodation Philippines Thailand

Accommodations Philippines Thailand Comparison

Accommodation Philippines Thailand is another night and day scenario. The amount of property you get in Thailand compared to the Philippines is tremendously higher. It’s some cases possibly by a factor of 4 times. The laws regarding foreign ownership in both countries is very similar with foreigners not being allowed to own land. This can be overcome in a couple of ways. Getting a super long leases with options known as a “Grandfather” lease. Meaning you have the land for 33 years with two options to renew. This used to be quite common but nowadays many land owners holding the title of a property will only give short term leases. It depends on the area we are taking about in both the Philippines and Thailand.

Accommodations Philippines Thailand Foreign Ownership

With accommodation Philippines Thailand Foreigners may own up to 40% of a condo project or apartment project giving them “free hold” title over the structure only, not the land it sits on. Normally high rise condos own the land themselves so that would not be an issue and you would have ownership of your unit under either you pass away or you sell it. I’ve known many people making substantial amounts of money by buying properties when the Tiger economies of Asia crashed in 1997 starting with Thailand massive crash. I recall personally losing about $25,000 USD in one day as the Thai Baht went from 25 to 1 USD to 52 to 1 in just 24 hours. At the time I had all my money in Thai Baht so I was devastated. Since then I’ve only accepted dollars but that’s another story.

Accommodations Philippines Thailand Western Standard Living

Philippines Accommodations and General Living Standards

Foreigners generally cannot live like local Filipinos or Thais so we require more “creature comforts” than the general population. Because of the tremendous humidity in both the Philippines and Thailand air conditioning is a requirement. For those with allergies investing in a good air dehumidifier and filter to help with your condition. The Philippines is a very dusty country from the volcanic activity and general lack of regulations on air quality. With this in mind, be prepared to either have a live in girlfriend, maid or wife to help you out. A lot of cleaning is needed to maintain a healthy environment.  You can get a maid for as little as 1,000 or 2,000 pesos a month to come in a couple times a week to clean up or get a full time live in maid for around 3000 and up.  Personally I would pay them much more as I think a person should have an opportunity to save and progress in their lives but I’m just stating what the going rate is for informational purposes.

Rent prices in the Philippines can range widely but for the purposes of this article, the following is information on rentals in Angeles City. Places in the provinces are much cheaper and also vary widely depending on your needs. A basic acceptable apartment in Angeles City for a foreigner can run as low as 8,000 pesos ( Around $175 USD) a month. Plus you have to pay electricity and water. Water is generally around 200 pesos a month and electricity is very expensive in the Philippines. Be prepared to pay close to $200 USD a month if you run the air conditioning 24 hours a day. Personally, mine averages around 6,000 pesos with two air conditioners, 3 to 4 computers, 1 refrigerator and 2 large screen TVs. I probably run the air conditioning 6-8 hours a day.

thailand Accommodations and General Living Standards

Thailand has a much wider selection of excellent accommodations to choose from giving a foreigner of any budget whatever he wants. For purposes of this article, I am quoting prices in Pattaya but I will touch briefly on other locations as my experiences are rather vast when it comes to Thailand. Pattaya offers beach front condos, luxury villas or just practical living condominiums and apartments throughout the city. The farther away from the ocean you are generally the prices will go down. I personally stay in South Pattaya as it’s centrally located and a baht bus gets you all around the city for only 10 baht, 20 baht if you use connecting baht buses. For complete details on transportation, please go to this section.

Rent prices in Pattaya are very affordable. I live in South Pattaya and my rent is only 8000 Baht (Around $250 USD) a month. However I’m renting from a close friend at the moment meaning that place would normally be around 12,000 Baht a month. It’s centrally located near Walking Street and literally across the street from two major Western catering supermarkets, the Thai wet market for fresh vegatables and one of the larger electronics shopping malls known as Tukcom with every computer gadget known to man. This is truly an ideal area to live for an online business owner such as myself. It would also be perfect for a retiree or just anybody looking to rent something long term in Pattaya. Ask for the Pattaya Tai area closer to Second Road. There are hundreds of properties available from 6,000 baht a month to 30,000 Baht a month. Electricity is around 1500 baht ($50 USD) a month. Cable TV and water is another $15 a month.

Philippines Thailand Accommodation Comparison Recap

Thailand by far has better accommodations than the Philippines both in terms of quality and quantity.  Electricity is much more expensive in the Philippines compared to Thailand, probably around 3 times more money. This is a huge expense for somebody who relies on a lot of power. I know some people living in Angeles City with average electric bills of $300 a month which is outrageous. Thailand offers low income housing that is livable by Western standards. Whereby in the Philippines you are looking at squalor conditions for close to the same prices as the low rent places in Thailand.

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