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Philippines Thailand hotel comparison
Philippines Thailand hotels comparison display another huge advantage both in quality, price, and quantity in favor of Thailand over the Philippines. You will find vastly better deals in Thailand simply because they have a lot more to choose from. For something that cost you $35 including breakfast in Bangkok might cost you something like $100 in Manila. That’s a huge difference. I’ve stayed in literally five-star hotels such as the Mandarin in Bangkok for $58 all in. That room was nothing short of stupendous and for that price you can’t complain.

Philippines Thailand Hotels Comparison

Philippines Thailand Hotels Comparison

This is just one small example of the literally hundreds of deals I’ve come across in my travel back and forth between the Philippines and Thailand. This has afforded me the chance to stay in a great many nice places at great prices as my budget is generally around $75 a night but I’d rather spend $50 or even less for something clean and functional.

The quality of the hotels you can get in Thailand for literally $25 a night is incredible. You will get a flee-ridden shithole in the Philippines for that. The Thais take pride in their accommodations and lucky for us Westerners they are keeping it very affordable. For a nice place in the Philippines with all the amenities of your home country, be prepared to pay for it in the tourist areas. In other parts of the Philippines just like Thailand, you can literally stay in paradise for next to nothing especially on the various islands both in the Philippines and Thailand. As I will state over and over, most people find the Philippines much more appealing due to the lack of language barrier to overcome and there is a lot of merit in that. But for somebody looking to experience Asia properly, I believe it’s best to learn the language or at least make an effort of it as it shows respect for their culture and they shall respect you more. I will touch more on learning the Asia culture if you plan on spending a lot of time there as it really goes a long way in everything you do.

Philippines Thailand Hotels Pricing and Quality

There is a huge difference in both price and quality in the Philippines. You get great accommodations but you must be willing to pay around $80 and up in the high season or $55 to $60 and up in the low season. In Thailand, the prices can vary widely as well say $25 to $200 but you can get a great room from $25 to $50 without a problem. It’s hard to do in the Philippines but if you look hard it can be found. Thailand also has seasonal hikes in prices so it’s best to go in the off-season months of summer from June to August to get bargain flights and rooms. Another noteworthy tip is to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday as you will generally save about $100 USD more at least. This is true with Bangkok Manila Flights too.

Philippines Thailand Hotel Manila Oxford Suites Makati

Philippines Thailand Hotel Manila Oxford Suites Makati

Philippines Thailand hotels prices are pretty affordable compared to Western standards. That being said, you can find great deals with the brilliant quality for half the price or less. All it takes is a little research and you should be able to easily find something for around $60 a night all year around. A good idea is to join a lot of the online booking sites like Agoda TripAdvisor and several others. This will give you a general idea of the prices you will be looking at for your dates and locations. Jump on deals when you see them if they fit your schedule. This is how I get great prices on deals in Bangkok, Manila, Angeles City, Pattaya and other cities in the Philippines and Thailand. Sometimes booking directly through the hotel is the way to go and you can generally get a better deal for longer term stays especially if you pay in cash

I personally use the booking sites for the first couple nights or even the first couple times I visit a city they pretty much settle on what suits my needs and go with that. I try to use Agoda as much as possible because of the rewards but if you are not booking hotel rooms at least 20 nights a year then it isn’t worth it. Other booking sites are good as well and you can save a few dollars a night by scanning through the major ones like, Expedia, and Travelocity comparing hotel prices.  These sites are probably most useful for their unbiased reviews as I read through those before making my decisions. Hotel reviews tell you exactly what you are looking to know. Be sure to read them and be properly informed about your hotel of choice.

Philippines Thailand Hotels – Clean Hotels For Around the $45 Price Range in Thailand

Bargains can be found on the hotel booking site most namely Agoda. Personally, I used them probably around 30 nights a year and that gives me around $200 a year in free rooms. That’s a pretty significant savings over time so I tend to overlook the minimal convenience charges they put on the nightly rate by booking through them. There is a trick I have found that works most of the time. Go to and then click your destination of interest. Then click through the rooms available sorting them by their amounts. Then scroll over to your budget and start looking at rooms.

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