Angeles City New Years Party 2017 At Aqua Beach Club

Angeles City New Years Party At Aqua Beach Club

Angeles City New Years Eve is the Aqua Beach Club is the place to be for both atmosphere and an entire view of the city. 

It is by far the most modern truly radical and host happening place to be almost every night in Angeles City. No expense has been spared in this uniquely designed luxury party oasis on top of the famous and most popular hotel in Angeles City known as the ABC Hotel.

Angeles City New Years Party At Aqua Beach Club

NEW YEARS At Aqua Beach Club


Angeles City New Years Party In Luxury

This is truly Angeles City’s most classy and upscale place to experience anywhere in Northen Luzon. A complete experience of health, luxury, partying and wellness is just the tip of the iceberg of the Aqua Beach Club. This personifies the whole ABC Hotel experience and motto of “You Only Live Once” into perfect synchronicity with it’s extravagant and apropos concept of exclusive pampering

Only the facilities, owners, staff and overall vibe of the ABC group can provide such an exclusive experience for the most affluent traveler.  Be sure to look at the Philippines Thailand Hotels comparison for some insight on the differences between the two countries

Angeles City New Years At The Aqua Beach Club Angeles City Most Happening Venue

Angeles City New Years At The Aqua Beach Club Angeles City Most Happening Venue


Angeles City New Years In Style – With Fair Prices

Prices for private “cabanas” are inexpensive compared to what you receive at other nightlife venues throughout Angeles City. None of which include the aura and flair provided by the party atmosphere of the ABC Hotel and it’s friendly professional staff dedicated to your well being.

An assortment of luxury offerings for the more refined individuals visiting Angeles City Pampanga Philippines at Aqua Beach Club and the Angeles City Beach Club. Exclusive “All In One” health and wellness fitness center is also included in the mix giving everyone the ability to stay in shape while having the time of their lives.

Be sure to make your visit to Angeles City first class!  Check out the ambiance and luxury at the Aqua Club on top of Angeles City’s best hotel, the Angeles Beach Club (ABC),

Their motto is plain and simple, “You Only Live Once”

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Angeles Pattaya A Tale Of Two Cities and Countries

Angeles Pattaya Comparing Philippines Thailand Introduction and Origins

 Philippines Thailand Comparison 3D
Angeles Pattaya A Tale Of Two Countries and Cities

Angeles Pattaya is a first hand Philippines and Thailand comparison guide. This website will endeavor to describe in detail the differences between living in the Philippines and Thailand from the perspective of a foreigner. Foreigners who live in both countries debate this topic literally on a daily basis. Each person favors a particular country based on what makes them happy. From my experience of living in both places since 1989, most people make their decisions based on the availability of girls. All others are looking for a sensible and safe place to retire living out the rest of their lives in peace and quiet. Retirees find both countries very appealing because a dollar or pound goes a lot farther in Asia than it does in the West. I hope to make the costing differences for both the Philippines and Thailand abundantly clear throughout this website. This website is written by an American who is living in both locations for nearly 28 years.

The experiences and information found in Angeles Pattaya are both facts and observations. The information in Angeles Pattaya is provided by a person who travels back and forth from both location on a monthly. Me, the author of Angeles Pattaya has spent the last 28 years in the Orient most of it in Thailand with nearly a decade in the Philippines. I sincerely hope this website will help be a helpful guide in your ultimate decision to either live or just visit Angeles City Philippines or Pattaya Thailand. Note that these two cities are just examples as they are the ones I live in for reasons which shall be made clear in due time. With that said, obviously you could stay in whatever city or whatever country you feel is better for your situation and lifestyle. Angeles City Philippines and Pattaya Thailand are two very popular examples due to their Worldwide focus and appeal. I personally would be staying in more beautiful and peaceful locations in both countries if the choice was mine to be made. attempts to clarify the differences of both the cities themselves and their respective countries. Please feel free to contact me if you have something to add or even photos and videos to share.

Angeles Pattaya Philippines Thailand Comparison

Angeles Pattaya Philippines Thailand Comparison

As one reads through this website it will become clear what I think is the better country. The reasons for this shall be outlined completely in detail and categorized much like a person’s life is.   I hope everyone finds the information in Angeles Pattaya to be both informative and useful. Many bits and pieces of information compiled is from accumulated knowledge over extended periods of time. Other information gathered in this website from experience with some of the details or facts changing over time because of various reasons. Please feel free to contact me if you find some information out of date or even incorrect. A good website is never finished so please bookmark this site now for later reference and please join our mailing list.

This website purely contains information mostly on two main cities,  Angeles City Philippines and Pattaya Thailand.  There is also a broader perspective which widens it’s scope to country wide as some things are universal spanning throughout each nation. Angeles Pattaya deals mainly with actual day-to-day practical living information on various subjects including:

  • Accommodations (Apartments, Hotels and Housing)
    Amusement and Activities
    Banking and Money
    Bars and Drinking
    Eating and Food
    Living Costs
    Mail and Postal Service
    Shopping (Appliances, Clothes and Groceries
    Transportation and Travel
    Utilities ((Electric, Gas and Water)

I hope you find this site informational and please be sure to book mark it for later reference as new information is added and updated. Inside on later installations and posts your will find information on bars, girls, hotels, living, food, travel, restaurants and prices from all around the Philippines and Thailand. Again a lot of this shall be Angeles City and Pattaya but a lot of other information may be found of use throughout each country. A lot of other important information dealing mostly with convenience and pricing can help you in your decision to either visit or live in Angeles City Philippines or Pattaya Thailand.

All information found this website is first hand knowledge through experiences living in both the Philippines and Thailand by a foreigner from the United States.  All photos taken are sole ownership of Angeles Pattaya and may not be used without linking back to us. Please feel free to contact me regarding the usage of any content on this website. We are always looking for link partners with the same basic content just framed in our own unique manner.  Good link partnerships are encouraged, please visit the webmaster page here.

This Asia expat and tourist information website is meant to help others so please feel free to make comments where they are warranted. Please provide useful information to help others in your comments or they won’t be posted. Constructive criticism is high encouraged and shall be posted in short order. We are all on a quest for knowledge and guidance regarding moving to either the Philippines or Thailand, perhaps  a mix of both such as myself. Please add your experiences! A link of your choice shall also be added.


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