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Philippines Thailand Business Use Top Quality Electronics

Philippines Thailand Business Use Top Quality Electronics

Philippines Thailand Business future foreign business concerns

Philippines Thailand business and the differences between the two counties are pretty significant. This section and the subsequent articles written shall outline the main concerns and primary differences between a foreigner doing business in the Philippines and Thailand. The recent shake up in Thailand of their government coupled with the fact the World’s longest reigning monarch is at the end of his life certainly makes for air of uncertainty in Thailand.  Future business outlook in the Philippines isn’t really much better with the election of their latest president, Rodrigo Duterte who took office a couple days ago. He promises to stamp out corruption and kill all drug dealers within 6 months of his coming to power. While in theory these progressive and radical moves will make doing business in the Philippines better, in the short term it will certainly be a double edged sword for both foreign investment and tourism. Only time will tell on how this ultimately plays out. Let’s hope it’s beneficial for the Philippines as an entire nation.

Philippines Thailand Business Differences and Facts

I have been doing business in Asia since 1989. During this time I’ve done more business in Thailand but the two countries have very similar “Asian” idiosyncrasies. Philippines Thailand business has a basic “it will get done sometime” attitude that somebody with a fast paced mentality will certainly have to clash with. My advise is to take everything in stride and remember you are not in your home country. The pace of certain things take a lot longer to accomplish in Asia. Knowing this will save you from some serious frustrations and high blood pressure. A good example of this is if you are given a time of 2 months to do a construction job, then expect for it to be done in 3 or even 4 months if you are lucky. Of course there are exceptions to this but for the most part delays are inherently normal operating procedure.

Only In Philippines Thailand Toilet With Window Enclosure

Only In Philippines Thailand Toilet With Window Enclosure

The biggest different in Philippines Thailand business is by far the language barrier. This applies to both countries but obviously more so in Thailand as English is not something they learn at a young age like most Filipinos. If you plan on doing business in Thailand I highly recommend you learn to get a working knowledge of the Thai language. Nowadays it’s very easy especially with programs like the Rosetta Stone which uses a lot of visual aids while it teaches you to speak Tagalog or Thai. This proven method provides the brain with visual reference giving you a more likely chance of remembering things. Personal I learned Thai through osmosis and observing others make certain expressions using certain words.

Philippine Thailand Business : Hiring Locals For Work

One of the most important things to always remember as a foreigner doing business in the Philippines or Thailand is having a lot of patience. On top of the patience you also need to be on top of your employees at all times. This requires countless hours of “on the job” direction and overseeing. Many foreigners doing business in the Philippines and Thailand often think they bought a gold mine that will run itself. Nothing could be further from the truth. More often times than not foreigners buy businesses and then let them run straight into the ground. This can be a combination of many things but most often times it pure laziness and unprofessionalism. Along with some bad advice or ulterior motives from the person selling their business in the first place. Conduct proper feasibility studies and engage in proper “due diligence” practices giving yourself valuable data to make more informed decisions. Do not rely on your local staff assuming the job will be done correctly

Philippines Thailand Business Poor Engineering And Workmanship

Philippines Thailand Business Poor Engineering And Workmanship

 Never assume anything is being done correctly. Make sure you are there to insure your vision is realized. Above is a photo from a classic example of hour business is done in the Philippines. This was a public works project done for the city of Angeles City on Fields Avenue a couple years back. The above bricks and patterns you see was ultimately torn up due to poor construction or horrible workmanship. This was an obvious and classic case of an Asian working project gone wrong. Either the main engineer was not onsite to oversee what was going on or it was a poor design to begin with. This was a public works project for the City of Angeles City. Just think of this was same company building your business.

Philippines Thailand Business: Use Locals To Do Your Dirty Work

Many foreigners get into trouble over trivial things that should never be handled between a local and a foreigner. Foreigners should avoid confrontation with local Filipinos or Thais at all costs. Using an influential local to handle employee disputes or reprimands such as firing an employee even giving them a simple warning for breaking your company rules. This mitigates any potential “face saving” losing situations which could lead to larger problems later. Even locals disputes within your residential neighborhood should be handled in this manner. For the most part, you will be respected for this course of action and it shows you know some people with clout along with showing them who is the boss. This needs to be done in any business environment from time to time and having a local handles domestic issues is the way to go.

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Many more Philippines Thailand business advice and useful words of wisdom shall be added to this site in the coming weeks. This will include solid costing analysis including business rent electricity and water. Other valuable information on labor laws and the general cost of doing business shall also be covered. Face and personal pride is of paramount importance in Asia. Doing business to facilitate this fact is needed to ensure your ultimate success or failure. Do not attempt doing any business in the Philippines or Thailand without first gaining knowledge you need make an informed business decision. Read understand and follow through with the information you read on this site and others before you decide Philippines Thailand business is right for you. More Philippines Thailand business information coming soon in later additions.

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