Philippines Thailand Communication Comparison

Philippines Thailand Communication

Philippines Thailand Communication Comparison

Philippines Thailand communication is a huge factor for every foreigners making their ultimate decision on living or traveling to either country. Some people feel intimidated in a society where English is not the native tongue or widely spoken. If you fall into this category then Thailand most likely isn’t for you. Although the Philippines native tongue is variations of Filipino language about 90% of the entire population have a decent grasp of the English language. This makes for living and visiting the Philippines a much easier transition for anybody with English language skills. Based on that fact alone a lot of people choose the Philippines. For those keen on Thailand, it is highly recommended you learn and respect the Thai language. It will add several other dimensions to the entire equation making your overall experience that more exotic. Respect is always gained by any native speaker of their language, Philippines Thailand communication comparisons are no different. Speaking the language in either country opens up doors you never know existed with the knowledge of communicating in their languages. English is now spoken by a much larger percentage of Thais than 25% years ago when learning Thai was a necessity. Now you can get by without speaking the language without a problem.

Philippines Thailand Communication Brief Filipino Language History

When the Spanish first colonized the Philippines they had four major trade languages (Visayan, Kapampangan, Pangasinan and Ilocano). These are now considered various dialects of what is now known as the Tagalog Language. Over time many variations combining one or two dialects make up a lot of slang and other unorthodox grammar or shorter words to accommodate longer text messaging. With the domination of cell phone use in the Philippines, a lot of words are shortened to fit the limited characters allowed in a text message which is only 160.

philippines Thailand Communication Text Messaging Philippines

The Philippines is one of the largest users of text messaging in the World per person. Read this interesting Wiki on text messaging. Text Messaging by far is the largest means of mass communication by Filipinos. Be sure to get used to a lot of text messages and messaging when entering the Philippines as calling is generally not used except mostly by businesses. Texting in the Philippines is also very cheap as they have unlimited plans for as low as less than $0.50 cents a day. This affords the average Filipino citizen the ability to text as much as they want. Sometimes the volume of texting is so high in the Philippines that it might take up to a few hours for your text message to arrive. This doesn’t happen very often but be aware that it is a possibility.

Philippines Thailand Communication: Filipinos Do Speak English But…..

Although Filipinos have a good grasp of the English language, this doesn’t mean they will understand everything you are saying. Many times a Filipino will smile or say “Yeah” or “Yes” to everything you say. If you find somebody you really want to spend some time with it’s a great idea to find out how well they understand English. When looking to find out a person’s aptitude in English, you might want to run through a few conversations of substance and judge for yourself their level of English knowledge.  This basic test is also useful in Thailand.

Philippines Thailand Communication Useful Tips

I’ve seen too many people forget English is not the first language for Philippines Thailand communication. This results in a lot of misunderstandings which a foreigner will always blame on a local. Remember that most people in both the Philippines and Thailand do not have a proper education especially to Western Standards. This fact gets lost to “newbie” and even longtime visitors all the time. Speaking slower and pronouncing words much more clearly will help tremendously. Even shortening sentences and taking out adverbs and determiners is a standard practice that is highly effective. Doing this constantly over years will actually degrade one’s English skills if you aren’t mindful of your “pigeon” English practices.

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