Philippines Thailand Food Comparison

Philippines Thailand Comparison Typical Thai Street Food

Philippines Thailand Comparison Typical Thai Street Food

Philippines Thailand Food Comparison – Fun Food Facts and History

Philippines Thailand food comparison have been changing over the years. Filipino food has had a bit of surge the last several years with the Philippines slowly getting better ingredients.  The Philippines boasts a multitude of Western chain restaurants  throughout the country with many new corporations moving their brands into the Philippines at a very fast pace. Filipino Food or Philippine Cuisine as it’s known Worldwide has a surprisingly rich heritage which has evolved over the centuries as a fusion of many dishes from around the World including American, Chinese, Indian, Malay and Spanish. This gives Philippines Cuisine a very diverse set of flavors.  Thailand has had most of the major food chains in for years and are slowly starting to create their own fusion with a variety of Thai food flavors being incorporated into some very popular Western food concepts making these places very popular with the local population. The Philippines consists of many famous American food chains as well as the ever popular “Jollibee“. Sort of the Philippines version of McDonald’s as it’s embedded in the Philippines society with marketing paraphernalia of all types plastering the country in the streets and on the televisions.

Thai Food Basics

Thai food on the side of the ocean in Southeast Asia is very complex yet simple in many ways. Thai food has a wide array of flavors coupled with impeccable balance, color and overall presentation. The Thai people take a lot of pride in their food with the country literally going standstill at 12 noon to 1:00 PM as everyone is eating. Thai food is much cheaper than in the Philippines and one can get a meal with boneless chicken, rice and soup with chili for only 40 Thai Baht. This is known as “Kow Man Guy” and can be found on every street somewhere. Just look for chicken cooked and hung upside down.

Philippines Thailand Food Comparison – Street Food

A Philippines Thailand Food Comparison is certainly the tale of foods indeed. The Philippines vs Thailand is a pretty simple one many agree on. There is the fact that Thai food is far superior to the Philippines “cuisine” both in massive variety and quality of their ingredients. The key to any good cuisine is having fresh ingredients and Thai food is a multi dimensional. For vegetarians, there is a huge selection of all vegetable dishes to choose from. They even have all you can eat vegetable stir fry buffets where you pick what you want and it’s good right in front of you. All for the price of around 40 Thai baht. Thai cuisine features a lot of vegetables my default with some colorful varieties. Of course, a lot of chilies with a delicate mix of both sweet, sour and spicy ingredients are used in a multitude of ways. Thai cuisine is known to have over 10,000 different dishes and it never seizes to amaze me the overall variety. When walking by the plethora of Thai street food vendors you will be amazed at what goodies they have in store for you fresh daily. Out of all my years in Thailand I have never gotten sick from Thai street food. And I eat it at least once a day if not more.

Philippines Food Basics

Philippines cuisine is a lot of fusion of various types of food having it’s own unique style. It’s heavily Spanish influenced with the basics of garlic, onions along with oyster sauce, vinegar and soy sauce. Filipino food has an interesting fusion of both Western favorites and their own unique Asian style of cooking. Philippines food has some very obscure items many people would never consider eating in the West. Tops on that list would certainly be “balut”  It’s essentially a baby hatch ling still inside the egg consumed much like a hard boiled egg. Basically it tastes crunchy from the bones and I’d liken it to eating 50 egg yolks as it’s very rich. Filipino food is truly basic in it’s makeup and can be easily made by yourself. Dishes such as Adobo (Chicken or Pork Type Stew) and Pancit (noodles) are common everyday dishes for your normal Filipino person. Of course, rice is also eaten daily and many Filipinos eat with their hands.

Philippines Thailand Food Comparison Balut

Philippines Thailand Food Comparison Examples

 Philippines Thailand food comparison examples can really highlight the differences if done properly. With that said the food section of this website shall be added to constantly, There is really a lot to say about the cuisine in both countries but the main difference is simple ingredients. Thailand 30 years ago only had a few “mom and pop” type Western groceries stores and I must say they really hit you with the prices. Nowadays Thailand has both mega malls and mega grocery stores with just about everything you might need from your home country. The Philippines is finally beginning to get a better shipping of imported products but their prices are outlandish. Thailand did not do this as a bag or Kellog’s corn flakes was close to $10 USD.

While a Philippines Thailand food comparison is not a very debatable topic as Thailand has far superior ingredients and variety. I would say from my experience about 90% of expats prefer Thai food over Filipino food any day. I shall be adding articles regarding mundane living in both Angeles City and Pattaya. This includes paying bills, money changing, postal information, business information, going grocery shopping or even just taking a ride in your car or bike. I shall be adding a lot more photos of everything Philippines or Thailand related. Be sure to contact me here if you feel the need.

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