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Angeles Pattaya Philippines Thailand Comparison

Thailand Street Food Comparison To Philippines

Thailand Street Food

Typical Thailand Street Food Vendor of various stir fry vegetables and meats made to order

Thailand Street Food Rules Over Philippines Street Food

Thailand street food has got to be one of the most enjoyable things in the land of Smiles. This adds to the whole experience and must become a ritual if you plan on living there or visiting for long periods of time. For those of you with a light stomach you might want to tell them not hot to start and work your way up. Others might just dive in and experience the spicy variations Thailand street food has to offer. In comparison to the Philippines, Thailand has a much more affordable and better variety with quality ingredients with more sanitary conditions. Some foreigners have really delicate stomachs and may find the food in both countries to be shocking at first as things taste much different especially when you are in the provinces where a lot of food is received from mom and pop type stores.

Thai Street Food Ordering and Prices

Thailand Street food is very affordable in price and you can tell by looking they use high quality fresh ingredients. Ordering it even if you don’t speak Thai is very easy as you simply point to what you want and if you want more of a certain ingredient say “Mak Mak” which basically means a lot or more. “Ped” means spicy whereas “Mai Ped” means not spicy. Knowing just these two phrases can save you a lot of grief as this will assure you of not ordering something too spicy your head is blown off. A normal Thai food dish off the street ranges from around 30 to 50 baht depending on size and whether it’s meat or not. An all vegatable salad known as “som tum” or “papaya bok bok” is around 30 baht which can be super spicy. Many foreigners love this as well but you might want to say “Mai Ped” so it isn’t hot.

Thailand Food Home Delivery

Here are some photos of both Thailand street food along with some delivery orders from Pizza hut and 1234 pizza. Ordering home delivery in Thailand is very convenient in comparison to living in the Philippines as most of the major chains such as Burger King, Mc Donald’s Pizza Hut and others allow you to order online making things super easy. Plus they all have database driven call in order centers with perfect English speaking people on the other end that take your order in a precise and professional manner

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