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Philippines Thailand Jobs: A Case Of Yellow Fever

Philippines Thailand Jobs for foreigners can a very dodgy and perilous proposition to say the very least. Over the years, I have witnessed far too many guys come try and make a living in the Philippines or Thailand. The ones that fail or end up having a horrible time always lack a proper skill set or worse lack the financial means to support themselves. Far too many guys come to Asia for the first time and end up loving the place. This causes many people to lose their senses making decisions they would normally never make in their conservative lives back home. They basically drop everything in their home counties and attempt to make a living in Asia thinking it’s the same working environment than their homes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Philippines Thailand Jobs "Yellow Fever"

Philippines Thailand Jobs “Yellow Fever”

This phenomenon is commonly known as getting a case of “yellow fever”. Primarily guys get this because of the amount of friendly women readily available. Both the Philippines and Thailand are known for having an overabundance of available and willing women. Girls are discussed in the Philippines Thailand Girls section by the way. Most guys have a problem with love life in their home countries thus they plan their trips to Asia seeking either companionship or a lifelong partner. If you are in the twilight of your life, Philippines Thailand jobs should only be considered if you already have a financial nest egg to help subsidize them as the job market in the Philippines and Thailand does not pay much especially if you have no connections . Younger people just starting a career might have a chance but be prepared to earn low wages and have no job security whatsoever. Anybody seeking employment should be prepared to work very hard and apply themselves as much as possible. Once you are known as a solid and trustworthy person somebody can count on there will generally be an opportunity for you.

Philippines Thailand Jobs: How Much Is Needed To Live Comfortably For A Foreigner?

Generally for a foreigner to live a comfortable life in the Philippines or Thailand, a monthly cash flow of $1,500 USD minimum is needed. Some people are able to do it with $1,000 a month but this means no entertainment and the most basic of everything. This amount of cash flow is not recommended as you will suffer and struggle to make ends meets the entire time. Many people come to Asia and figure they can assimilate themselves into the general population. Sometimes in a bad way. A transformation begins that basically rewires their brains into an Asian way of living and thinking. My advice to anybody reading this is to make sure you have an immense skill set to either create your own income via online businesses or have an excellent resume with impressive verifiable credentials of whatever field of endeavour you specialize in. The section and it’s subsequent articles will explain in detail the things you should know before deciding to work in either Angeles City Philippines or Pattaya Thailand but this also applies to jobs in other cities as well. This is based on my own experiences and observations over a close to 28 year period in Asia.

Philippines Thailand jobs: You Have Little or No Legal Recourse As A Foreigner

Working in either the Philippines or Thailand as a foreigner is fraught with danger if you do not have a stable situation. For example, one of the more common jobs is a bar manager in Angeles City or Pattaya. If you are not aware of past history in the Philippines, this can land you in jail via arbitrary raids. These raids happen from time to time often times the manager (you) of the establishment is taken into custody. Any numbers of charges can happen with the most severe being charged with human trafficking. What generally happens after this is a long jail sentence in some of the worst conditions imaginable for a foreigner. If you do not have the money to get yourself out of this situation, more often time than not you are shit out of luck. This is not a position anybody wants to be in.

Philippines Thailand Jobs: Hard Work Honestly Persistence Punctuality And Tenacity

Philippines- Thailand Jobs There Is No Substitute For Hard Work

“There I No Substitute For Hard Work” – Thomas Edison American Icon

To be successful in Philippines Thailand Jobs you need to have a very wide range of professional skills that are at a current demand. If you are talented online and able to generate an average of $2,000 a month or more than you can live very comfortably in either country. There are exceptions to this rule if you have the gift of charisma. Along with the ability to read people and please them by your actions. There are many unsavory characters you might call bullshit artists who are basically a jack of all trades and masters of nothing. It’s amazing the longevity some of these characters can withstand with their deception and lies. Very few last more than a few years as ones curtain of lies only lasts so long. I will get into detail on some characters I’ve been during my time in future articles.

A person with skills can really go along way in Asia if they are self sufficient online. One can stay in a very nice accommodation with all the comforts of your home country including a nice swimming pool, gymnasium and ultra high speed internet connections allowing you to properly do business online.  This type of lifestyle takes a lot of hard work sometimes 20 hours a day, basically whatever it takes. Coupled with that you need to have a professional daily routine of getting up and preparing for the day. These days using a proper project management software package is the way to keep your life and business on track and it may be accessed online anywhere in the World and can be updated on the fly with tasks and any other item that needs to be done.

Honesty and punctuality and huge character traits that over time will afford you some very strong positions. Either by working for someone else or just having an excellent reputation for being a solid business professional. This will ultimately turn into a domino effect with solid job offers from reputable companies that can be taken on contract were you can can command the remuneration. Make sure you are always willing to go the extra mile and put in the extra hours necessary actually make a difference. Constantly look to learn new skills to further upgrade your skill set giving you even more opportunities. Obviously this takes time but it’s worth it in the long run as reputation is golden in Asia and once you are known to be reputable there is no looking back.

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