Angeles Pattaya Philippines Thailand Comparison

Philippines Thailand Shopping comparison

Philippines Thailand Shopping Comparison

Philippines Thailand Shopping Price Comparison

Philippines Thailand shopping comparison in terms of pricing and variety definitely goes to Thailand. High quality name brand products from all over the World can be found in both the Philippines and Thailand. They are about 25% or more expensive in the Philippines. Electronics are a huge example of how much more luxury items are in the Philippines compared to Thailand The Philippines is generally about 30-40% more expensive for most electronics and modern appliance. Take for example the newest Samsung Galaxy phones. You can get them for about $850 including a free cover whereas that same phone will be $1,100 in the Philippines. The same holds true for laptop computers and other electronic gadgets. In some cases the price difference can be a whopping 40%!

Philippines Thailand Shopping Household Items

Philippines Thailand Shopping for household and essential items for maintaining your condo or house is relatively easy in both countries. However, be sure to inspect the quality of these items especially if you are purchasing them at basement and bargain prices. In a lot of cases paying for something cheap means it will break very quickly. I was brought up under the school of thought that if you buy something make sure it will last especially if it’s a permanent item for your day to day living.  With that said, spending cheap is the way to go if you are only staying in place for several months at a time. Then going cheap is probably the more affordable route to go in the long run.

Again, on the whole you will find better quality more affordable household items in Thailand also with a wider variety. From your mom and pop hardware stores to your huge megamalls like Big C and Home Depot they basically have everything you can think of and more. The Philippines also has mom and pop stores but their choice of variety leaves a lot to be desired. Also in the Philippines, be ready to hear the words “Out of Stock sir!” over and over again. There is no concept of supply and demand in either country. Certain items will be out of stock for months so if you find something you use a lot of be sure to stock up as you never know when you might see it again. This is even worse in the Philippines compared to Thailand. Living in the West spoils everyone into the supply chain where in Asia the supply chain is spiradic at times except for obvious essential living items. Obscure Western items should be purchased in bulk if you find them.

Philippines Thailand Mega Malls Shopping Malls

Philippines Thailand Shopping comparisons wouldn’t be complete without mentioning two large mega malls in both countries capital cities, Bangkok and Manila. In Bangkok, you have Siam Paragon which in my opinion has a much wider selection and is a better overall configuration both architecturally and functionally than SM Mall Of Asia located in Manila. Both have just about everything you need without a doubt but Siam Paragon has many more shops selling different items and the prices are much better. Probably around 20% cheaper in Thailand than the Philippines in Megamalls.

Ever major city in both the Philippines and Thailand have either a Central or SM shopping mall to distribute goods countrywide. Years ago this was not the case as Central was certainly a shadow of what it is today with stores primarily in Bangkok.  The same could be said with SM Shopping malls in the Philippines as they can be found throughout the country and IMHO are very expensive even by Western Standards. So are Central Department stores in Thailand. They are always overpriced but you are basically paying for the convenience of everything being in one place. This is acceptable in some cases not all if you are looking to save money long term.

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