Sexy Filipina Vault Vol 1

Sexy Filipina Vault Volume One – Hot Philippines Beauties

Sexy Filipina vault collection of 33 hot Philippines Sexy Girls from throughout the Philippine Islands. One thing about the Philippines compared to Thailand is their ladies have a very unique Asian Pacific island look to them. Thai ladies are more exotic and one would call a true Asian attraction with more defined eyes, face and shape. We shall examine sets of both beautiful and sexy Filipinas along with exotic Thai beauties and let the visitors to this make the choice of who is the prettiest. For me it’s a toss up as both countries have beautiful women, both the Philippines and Thailand.

Sexy Filipina Vault Volume One

Sexy Filipina Vault Volume 1

Please be sure to leave your comments about Sexy Filipina Vault Volume 1 below and be as specific as possible. This gallery has been carefully chosen along with it’s keywords and descriptions to give you, the viewer the best possible template to enjoy these beautiful women. Thanks for clicking on over to have a look at this photo gallery. There are several other galleries currently on this site with many more ready to upload when time permits. 

Sexy Filipina Vault – More Beautiful Ladies Coming Soon!

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There will also be more comparisons between the Philippines and Thailand on more details subjects such as:

Dental Care
Dining And Food
Health Care
Living Expenses

I have experienced many other facets of life in both countries over a 30 year period. This website deals in particular with Angeles Pattaya Comparison but will also go into the different in cultures from a foreign perspective. Be sure to read the Philippines Thailand comparison on this website and see what you think. I must admit I wanted to put more time into this website but life has a way of changing one’s direction. 

For in depth information on both the Philippines and Thailand, be sure to join the Addicts family of Asian living and traveling for foreigners. These websites are essential for all male or open minded travelers looking to have a good time, see some beautiful women and visit the priceless areas in both the Philippines and Thailand.

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