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Visas Philippines Thailand are very easy to obtain for both retirees and tourists alike. Most nationalities will get a 30 day on arrival tourist Visa in both countries without any fees. Both countries state you need an ongoing ticket when you enter the country but they almost never ask. With that said, it’s always best to have all your documentation in order when dealing with immigration matter while traveling abroad. The last thing you want is to miss a flight because of overstaying your Visa and mistakenly becoming an illegal alien.  I have seen this happen on countless occasions to visitors and it always ends in large fines and in some cases a black stamp in your passport.

Visa Philippines Thailand Comparison and Facts

Visas Philippines Thailand Comparison and Facts

Visas Philippines Angeles City Manila

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I’ll give you a brief breakdown of Visas Philippines Thailand. Generally you can get a retirement Visa in Thailand past the age of 50 years old but you must have 800,000 baht in the bank or be able to show an income of I believe around 45,000 baht (Pensions, IRA, whatever.) You then have to report to immigration every 90 days or you can do it online now. Although I heard the online method doesn’t always work. There are services were you can pay a fee and they’ll get it done for you for about 2000 or 3000 baht.

Alternatively, you can get a multiple entry non immigrant “O” or other visa for 6 months. They are starting to issue these again and that gives you multiple entries but you must leave every 90 days. The Thai junta at the moment is thinking of extending that back to the 1 years multiple entry type “O” Visa making it easier for tourists or visitors to stay a longer duration. When that will happen is anybodies guess but the 6 month multiple entry is now an option. Has been for maybe 6 months or more. Best place to get that is in your home country or even in Manila at the Thai consulate on Rada Street behind Greenbelt on the other side of the park. It’s a nice walk during the day from Makati or just take a taxi. A Thai business Visa for 1 year in the Philippines costs 7000 pesos.

Regular tourist Visas in Thailand give you 30 days on arrival and then you can extend it another 30 days for a small fee. There are variations here as well. You can also get a work permit or business Visa but you must be on the board of directors of a Thai company supplying the paperwork showing the shareholders list.

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